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If you get tired of reading legalese, take a moment to read this chatty, unofficial Member Agreement first!

This is an unofficial, non-binding version of the Terms Of Use for this site. It is provided for your amusement and edification. Your participation in this site is bound by the Official Membership Agreement.

Unofficial Terms Of Use / Membership Agreement

First, you should know that by joining the site, you agree to be bound by the official Member agreement found here: Member Agreement, and that the Membership Agreement may be changed, and we won't necessarily notify you that the agreement has changed. By the way, that's pretty standard policy on websites, which is a bit scary, but if you actually read Membership Agreements, you already know that.

Unless you want a lawsuit on your hands, don't post anything you didn't write yourself.

This site is rated "E" for "Everyone". I want my grandmother to be able to read this without blushing. If you post anything that makes my grandmother blush, or offends her, your content will be removed.

I'm not sure what risk there is in using this site, but whatever risk there is, you are solely responsible for it.

Furthermore, you agree that you won't ever try to hold this site liable for any damages that occur because you used this site.

You are responsible for anything you post on the site. The site may use your email address to contact you regarding your account.

If anyone gets sued because of stuff you post here, it'll be you, not

Your account can be deleted for any reason whatsoever, and we don't even have to explain ourselves when we delete your account. But, just for kicks, here are some of the reasons your account might get deleted:
  1. You are harrassing other members
  2. You are spamming
  3. You are posting material which violates this agreement
  4. You request that your account be deleted
There. Wasn't that more fun than the official version? Okay, now you need to go read the Official Membership Agreement.

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