Why isn't my email address changing?

When you change your email address in your profile, the change does not appear immediately.
Posted by Douglas, Sep 21, 2007


Why isn't my email address changing?

Posted by Douglas, Sep 21, 2007
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Here is the reason your email address is not changing: When you view your profile (by selecting "My Profile" in the "Options" section of the site), the email address which is displayed is your confirmed email address. If you don't have a confirmed email address, it is blank.

When you submit a new email address, the site sends a confirmation email to that address. But the confirmed address does not change until you've clicked the link in that email. Thus, if you go back to edit your profile again, it will still show the old address.

If you are not receiving confirmation emails from the site, be sure to add the following email address to your "safe senders" list in your spam software: mailer@fifteenminutesoffiction.com

Posted by Douglas, Sep 21, 2007

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