Why can't I post hyperlinks?

Posting of hyperlinks is not permitted on this site. Use a social networking site for that!
Posted by Douglas, Sep 22, 2007


Why can't I post hyperlinks?

Posted by Douglas, Sep 22, 2007
This post was written in 6 minutes.

There is a very simple reason why you can't post hyperlinks. The bane of most message boards, blogs and user sites like this one is...


I have no interest in spending my time dumping the work of spammers from my site, and preventing people from posting hyperlinks is one good way to discourage spammers.

Besides which, the focus here is creative writing!

Of course, being the site administrator (also known as the "evil dictator"), this restriction doesn't apply to me...

Click here to view a really cool website, ha ha!

Posted by Douglas, Sep 22, 2007

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