How do I get people to read what I wrote?

Getting people to read your writings is a challenging task. Work hard, and write well.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 3, 2007


How do I get people to read what I wrote?

Posted by Douglas, Oct 3, 2007
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How to get people to read your that's an interesting challenge. First, let's get the obvious out of the way.

Be sure you've marked your writing as PUBLIC. If it's PRIVATE, the only people who read it will be the people in your Neighborhood. If you don't know how to make your writing public, click the "My Writing" link, and then next to the name of a post you want to make public you'll see a questionmark icon. Click this icon to edit the post's details, including its publication status.

Once your post is public, the next thing you can do is invite friends to join the site as well; at least at first, your friends will be more likely to read your writing than complete strangers on the site. You can invite friends to join by using the "Tell A Friend" link on the Options page, or by posting a link to your writing on your own website. The "My Links" page (under Options) can help you with this.

Be sure to write well; quantity is no substitute for quality. If you have 50 posts and all of them are bad, no one will read them. But if you have 5 posts and they're all good, once someone reads the first one, they're likely to browse through your others, and then add you to their subscriptions. Once they're in your subscriptions, every time you post something new, it'll show up in their neighborhood page.

Take the time to read other peoples' writings, and post appropriate comments. If you post a courteous comment, whether praising or critiquing their work, if your comment is helpful, they may choose to add you to their neighborhood.

Look for people whose writings are similar to yours (same genre/style), and invite them to join your neighborhood.

Keep writing. Don't give up writing just because you don't find a lot of people reading your first few posts. Don't get discouraged. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Oh, and one more thing...don't forget to do the weekly writing prompt. The writing prompt responses are some of the most-read items on the site.

Posted by Douglas, Oct 3, 2007

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