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Trick or Treat, a Night of Adventure: Candy and excitement how could you have more fun
Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 31, 2010. 1536 views. ID = 4031

Trick or Treat, a Night of Adventure

Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Oct 31, 2010. 1536 views. ID = 4031
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As much as I dislike it as an adult I would never want it to go away.
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I, like most every kid in the country loved Halloween when I was young. The thrill of running door to door after dark made trick or treating almost as much fun as the goodies we collected. We would always start out walking but as the excitement to see what we would receive at the next door would build we kept going faster and faster. Although it was not a race, it was a competition and the kid that went to the most houses and got the most goodies was considered the winner.

Of course, the best part was later after you got home as you looked over your loot. Cold and tired didn't matter as I dumped my bag of treats on the table to sort by quality. Chocolate was always the most valuable, followed by popcorn balls, caramels and other chewy delicacies. These were always guarded and never shared with my little sister who never was allowed to go as long or far as I was. The rest of my booty usually consisted of fruit, hard candy, nuts in their shells and then there was that one house that always gave out toothbrushes.

When it was time for bed, I just knew I would never fall asleep. On a sugar high and all the nights excitement running through my head sleeping was the last thing I wanted to do but I always crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. Even the next day of school was something you looked forward to as everyone told of their adventures always embellishing on distance traveled and swag collected.

Now as an adult and on the other side of that door being knocked on, I find Halloween to be a tedious chore. I always try to buy candy that I would like to receive and then I have to try to keep my fingers out of it. Although it is fun to see the costumes and the excitement on the kids faces it is a chore to keep getting up to answer the door. The night seems to go the same way every year; it starts out slow with just a trickle of kids. I start to worry that we're going to be stuck with candy so I begin to double how much I dole out to each kid. Then all of a sudden, the hoards start arriving and suddenly I'm running short of loot. Last year it was so bad we actually ran out of candy early and we had to turn out all the lights and hide in our bedroom. That is not going to happen this year, I bought extra and I don't care how slow it starts each kid is only getting one piece. So happy Halloween everyone, just remember you're not going to get much at my house this year.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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Nov 1, 2010
We go up to church and have a Harvest party on Halloween.
   ~Posted by Peter-Twitchell, Nov 1, 2010

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